Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The end and the begining

Today will be the last day in my "career" life for being the Chairman of Board of Monitors in my school. After 3 years being an exco out of 5 years being a monitor, it finally came to an end. During the AGM today, i had given out all the appointment letter which ate up half of my sleep time. The new committee is formed, the begining of the new era = the end of my era. XD

Reirement is something that i urge for, and yet affraid of at the same time.

Retirement=no more pressure on work, no more boundary, a freeman at last. YET, it is the pressure and the boundary that keep pushing me, kept me hanging onto the strugles of life. Retirement also=less time to spend with the juniors whom have accompany me throughout all these years. Joy, tears, memories. After all these years, the so called "bond" that had formed between us had made me even harder to let go all of the things. I shall not call this as greed, but as reluctance. BOM(short form for Board of Monitors) had became part of my life for the past few years. Letting it go leaves a hole in me. Now im soo free until i dont know what else to do beside study, study and study. BORING!

*LUCKILY, i still have Graduation Magazine to be busy on. Or else, im affraid that you might find me filled with spider web weeks later.

So, instead of being boring (which is so not me), and also being influenced by FartKing who had started writting his own blog recently, i came to a decision to start my own. With my not-so-beautiful English, this shall be my first blog ever! (though i started writting journals in my deviantart account)

I shall update my blog as frequent as possible(possible every Friday or Saturday), posting my latest photos/artworks and sharing my not-very-interesting stories.
Till then!