Tuesday, August 28, 2007


ya ya i have not updated my blog since my last(first) post...
Fart King had commented on my last post:
oi fart king here... every friday or sat but i see only one post-.- don't be like me la also slow till no post d=p be more discipline, retire d still work hard and ar can go find them one what=p

i know the number of post in my blog is very zek ak (1 only).
So, lets wrap things up and let me rap it to you!

90th Anniversary
Uncles in their uniform with balloons. Didnt they looked years younger?

Chung Ling's 90th Anniversary. Yeah, BIG DEAL!
Anyway, everyone was busy like mad (so do I) to prepare for this event of the year.
3 days stretch of activities with school packed with uncles and aunties was a great experience.
The well-known kepo (me ofcz) was assigned as a photographer by me!
I had used 4 cameras at the same time during the assignment.
-My aunt's Sony Cybershot
-Adrian's Sony T100
-Zi Liang's Canon IXUS 5
-My dad's Canon EOS 300D film
Its my first time trying out film camera (cz i normally use my aunt's)
and the result was quite satisfying though i used wrong film (should use 200 instead of 400).
The photos above was shot using film.

Marathon s

During the holidays i had participated in 2 marathon races, first is 7km while the latter is 10km.
I did not know i could run without stopping for such a long distance before. Quite shocking

Photography contest
Daisy! i guess

Since i get myself into photographing, i never participated in any such contest yet.
So secara tidak sengaja, i had spotted 2 contests held by Sony and Canon.
For the past few days, i was busy on the first contest held by Sony titled "Environment Beauty" or what. I kinda forgot bout it.
The photos was sent to printing today and will be mailed using pos laju tomorow (cz the closing date is on 31st of Aug). Last minute work! (its so me)
You can find other shots and other shots at my deviantArt page noobNOInoob (this page is updated regularly).
I guess ill have a short break before getting myself busy on the Canon's.

Graduation Magazine
Sneak peak :X

After working our ass out for almost 15 months, the working progress had finally come near to the end. Almost everything is ready, except some chapter dividers and essays from headmasters and some teachers.
For the past 2 days, i was only in class for a total of 6 periods.
For most of the time i had stick my ass on the chair in the so called "Publishing Center" in front of the pc.
Hopefully, tomorrow will be the last day ill have to suffer like this! (praying)


I better get myself back to study before my sis finds out and nag, give me a lecture, do what she does best!


p.s i will try to update as frequently as possible lah~