Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lantern Festival (Round 2)

Finally after 2 weeks and 3 days of suffer, the exam finally came to an end!
Anyways, i lost in the Canon contest X3

Lantern Festival Round 2!

Last Friday, we went to the Lantern Festival held at Kwang Hwa.
Well after that, my house came up with a mini one on Tuesday (25th Sept).
Its all about lanterns, food, burning lanterns, more food and doremon?


Bake nuts anyone?


Too hot to handle!

Those who had sacrificed that night.

Where your head went?

I see..


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Kwang Hwa Lantern Festival

Four more days til trials finish. Wohooo~~
Prepare to high til fly~

Kwang Hwa Primary's Lantern Festival
As the day when Charng Er who went up to the moon centuries earlier than Louis Armstrong ever stepped on it, it is time to take out tang lungs..
YES! The one and only day when you burn down your tang lungs is here!!
So prepare yourselves with candles, lighter and ofcz, your tang lungs!

On the 22nd Sept 2007, Kwang Hwa Primary had organized their annual Lantern Festival. Since its been a long looong time we did not return to Kwang Hwa, we (ghee siong, kok oon, khai hern, woei chyuan, chein wei & me) the GANG decided to pay a visit to our dear primary school.

According to my mom, the event should start around 8pm with the speeches by the tua liap lang. But when we reached there, the students already came back from the parade with lanterns around the school area. We missed it.. Sobz

Anyways, although we missed the first event, the stage performance was on. The fashion show was astonishing! You cant even imagine primary school students could do stuff like that. Their parents too are amazing. Look at the clothings of the children and you will know!

The legendary choir of Kwang Hwa with their legendary uniforms. Dont laugh! Yunying wore that before!


The future Britney Spears and Queen Latifah?

What a pose!

The desperate newly weds on hold.

Puteri Gunung Ledang escapes the perminangan of Sultan Mahmud and showed up for the show.

Jasmine from Alladin making her final scratch.

Some clips that ive shot.

Chinese Traditional wear. Look carefully at their pose especially the gold guy.

Director giving final orders to the fellow performers.

Future Bollywood stars.

Sweet newly weds. Yunying's lil sister is inside, 3rd from the left.

Aint so sweet girl "distributing" sweets.

Instead of squeezing around with parents who were so desperate to see their children on stage, we took a stroll around the school. The field became smaller, we can no longer fit into the chairs and tables in our class, the toilet became even creepier, and lots of childhood memories. And of course, SCANDALS.. right on the "crime scene" with witnesses.
Our fellow friends' name were still on the wall. (including JIMMY HUNG)

High tech leh! Live broadcast from the hall.

Giants in the house of the seven dwarfs.

After the stroll, we cracked our brains to solve the "latern riddles". Those who solved each riddle will win a packet of ang pao with RM 2 inside. So we gave it a try. Unfortunately, we end up with none. X3

The "lantern riddles". HEI boy! what u looking at!?

How can a gathering be complete without having any food? After Kwang Hwa, we moved our territory to Bayan Bay to have a late night supper. Surprisingly, we met with Yunying who left us earlier. After another match of chit chat, some ikan bakar, satay and drinks, we were off to our homes.

Ghee Siong with his philosophy of "Puppies".

Khai Hern posses with his Curry Mee mai ham.

Kok Oon with his cup of healthy blended almond.

Woei Chyuan with his Motorola Razr. (his mom phoned :3)

Zhao Wei with her latest "pose" & Yunying "seducing" Indonesian waiter in red :3

Dont ask..

Cant wait for a second one!


This saturday morning (29th Sept) go yam zhou char, anyone wanna join?
Contact anyone of us if you wanna join or for more details.
Transport MAY BE provided but with limited seats!
First come first serve


Saturday, September 15, 2007


SPM trial is still going on and im sitting in front of the pc blogging..
savour it...

Vote For Me!

i copied this from the website so the quality is lower than the original one.

Not long ago, just before the trial starts, i had called up 6 of my friends to shoot a photo during recess. And then ive submitted it to Canon's Teen Expression Photo Contest.

AND guess what.. IM IN!

We are the 7th!

We are in the 4th round finalist!
In order to get into the final, ill need your help.
The grand prize is a Canon EOS system camera (i wanted it desperately)
and if i won, ill be sure to call all of those who had voted for me to be my model and shoot photos using the *blink blink* camera! (IF i won)
So hesitate no more!
Take your phone, register and start to vote!!
You might even stand a chance to win a camera for yourself! (its like helping yourself while helping me too)

To vote for me, you must first register yourself (to enable Canon to contact you if you won the camera)
To register
Type: CANONspaceREGspacespace
Eg. CANON REG 900222-07-xxxx Lim Chun Yee

and send to 36660

To vote
Type: CANONspacespace
Eg. CANON R4 7 (which is mine)

and send to 36660

For more information, please visit:
for instruction on how to vote- click here

I need your support!
Vote for me~~
Help me spread this news too!


Sunday, September 9, 2007

Little table of mine

sorry guys.. ill have to skip Motika part (2) cause our dear friend Saw Khai Hern still cant send me the photos we took that day. So ill have to skip that!

My Table
currently burning our fats squeezing sejarah into our brains. So do i. All that i have in my mind now is Malaysia's Perlembagaan and duties of YDPA. Studying regardless whether its day orAs you know, all of the form 5s are having their trial exam at the moment. Most of us are night, rain or shine, im getting more and more stressed out concerning bout the test is approaching silently. Without noticing til this morning, i found out that my table had turned into a rubbish dump, quite similar to what you could see at Jelutong Expressway. Its infested with ants, spiders and started to gather dust. I cant help myself to take a photo of it!

Part 1From top of the photo, we could see a blue microwave oven gloves (how could it get there?)
On top of it would be a Kodak photo envelope by Tan Siu Hwa's shop, where i put in all my "prohibited items" and bring to school! (it works! 100% safe guaranteed)
Under it would be my tuition box file, 2001/2002 Han Chiang's Grad Mag (my sis's), KRS photo, and the medal i won from the Tanjung Run X3
Next to that "bush", you could see the exam timetable, under the 65th CLHS Grad Mag.
Beneath it, there are still a lots of books, as you can see Pelangi's Add Maths and lots lots more.

Part 2

From left, same.. the timetable and grad mag.
Then to the pink file will be the one i carry to school everyday with the banner of this page i made. (love it)
Beneath the file there is a black colored diary where i write all my stuff in.
Under more are a lot of cert which name shall be printed on.
On top of the file is my ping pong bat, with a yellow Dunlop logo, a bottle of detol(in case of mosquito bites), face mist from The Body Shop, a small clay-made-Pisa tower from Italy on top of my antique cash box.
Then we have another stack of books, leaded by the Success Physics and my England jersey (oops).

Table 2
After messing my table, ive decided to move on to another table to continue with my studies.
As you can see, its not yet messed up. Still pretty clean and tidy with my Sejarah notes on top of it. And the pink booklet would be the Thiagarajan's Book of Magnificent Sejarah Tips.

Cant assure that this table will remains as it is now few days later X3


Saturday, September 1, 2007

MOTIKA! (part 1)

in case you dint noticed, motika was direct translate of merdeka..swt
its the worse direct translate i had ever seen, with a font size of almost 50 right on the front page of kwang hwa newspaper.
yeah.. motika!

Frenzy Merdeka Countdown
It was 30th of Aug. one day before the celebration of Malaysia's 50th birthday.
so, being a patriotic citizen of the country, we (me, kevin, rocky and others) planned to have a countdown of our own to celebrate it! to show our patriotism!

Right after our tuition which ends at 8.30, we rushed home, get ourselves ready, and packed into kevin's fancy Myvi with an easy recognizable "tribal vinyl" and a "P" sign sticked on the right(should be left) side of the rear windscreen. Amazingly, we managed to squeeze 7 people and i mean 7 17-year-old GUYS with an average height of 175cm weigh over 400kg into the mini Myvi. And it still move!! With low acceleration, we slowly crawled ourselves to Queensbay mall.

There, we stroll around the mall hoping to find something to eat. In the end, we found ourselves in the FAMOUS-FOR-BEING-EXPENSIVE T.G.I Friday. and its friday! with one of the waiter(or half waitress who called us sweeties) leading the way, we sat on a table of seven and started to browse through the menu. O.o Expensive... But its merdeka! Once in a lifetime when you can be 17 and celebrating merdeka with bunch of freaks in the god-damn T.G.I so whats the big deal!

In the end, among 7 of us, 6 ordered only drinks except Zheng Ying ordered a "fanci-ly named dish" which ended up with a plate of lady's fingers and a piece of not very big salmon and some butter rice. (rm 35++ $.$) the waiter's face ain't very pleased..

what i ate in T.G.I (the hawaii surfer is not surfing at all)

anyways, i ordered smoothies called "hawaii island surfer" RM6.50 oooo
which taste like manggo+ice+milk and blend together and you could get it rm2 at any kopitiam.
to give that waiter some facey, we ordered some nachos which also had a fancy name but ended up with a few piece of nachos with some topings in a big big plate(the plate might be more expensive than the nachos).

i guess we wouldn't be taking this photo after we saw the bill.

IN THE END, when the bill arrived, ka-ching! RM 126.59.. we ended up paying rm11 for each person.. Maybe we were in the wrong place at the first moment..

As there is nothing much happenings at the mall, we decided to move our butt to e-gate! On our way to take our eveready Myvi, Rocky was already getting high(no alcohol was consumed). While we were stuck in a massive jam trying to get ourselves out of the parking lot, we winded down the window and shout to those whoever walked by. and they would give us a stare. yea we went nuts. XD

In the car, with low velocity, we were still stuck in the parking lot. So we ended up shouting 3 times of "merdeka" in the car and wala! end of our so called countdown. We dropped by at Rocky's house to let him drive his car as 2 more friends were joining the frenzy. With better acceleration we sped to e-gate.

we continued our "high" at e-gate

we went to subway for the first moment we stepped at e-gate to pick up some sandwiches. Rm11.95 more affordable than T.G.I. Then we headed to starbucks and chit chat all the night. Shot some photos with some amazing water effect(the water spray of the fan made the lense filled with water) and some coffee. At 1.20am, we decided to end our "countdown gathering" as there was nothing going on at e-gate too. No chicks no fun!

my venti latte (doesnt work)

my dinner, 6-inch sandwich of subway(which did not last long)
Went to bed and directly slept like log. This proved that even with a cup of Grande latte, there is noting to stop me from sleeping.

So, as a conclusion, our patriotic countdown turns out just to be an excuse for us to hang out late at night and ks as if we never did before.