Thursday, October 25, 2007

It has arrived!

i dont know what happened to my photo. All of them went crazy not long after i post it. CHRocky said someone envy of my photos and hacked them xD possible

My personal favorite. Harry and Mattew cheers!

CLHS 66th Graduation Magazine

Committee of the Graduation Magazine.

*PCF 7101* go buy empat ekor, sure kena!

Hug hug! It came at last.. (you should expect this coming)

A mini opening ceremony by our teacher adviser.

Green sea of grad mag.

I did not even had a real look of the magazine until i reached home. All i know was that the cover came out worse than we expected and the publisher made a lot and i mean A LOT of mistakes, mixing up our stuff. But overall, yeah its a pleasure to see it (even if there are a few things that should not appear such as "that" thing stated above).

I heard they spread the news that there was one good looking super star at page 98!

My favorite. Photo by me text by Zi Liang.

The whole concept of the graduation magazine is to recall the history, the past that we had been through. If you noticed, each and every page divider has the phrase "我们的" in it. The idea was this is our graduation magazine. Everything in it belongs to ours. Our contacts, our photos, our memories. Genius aye? Thank you thank you (syok sendiri)

Hope you enjoyed it.

I hate to say this but THAT WAS NOT ME!


parts of this article was censored due to political and sensitive issues.
This world aint perfect. Being emo aint a good thing.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

TM Net Expose

Why plastic surgeries?
Cuz plastic last longer. Even when you die, your boobs or dicks will still be standing!
Just like they did the first day you implanted them.

TM - Malaysia's "Leading" Telecommunication Company


Since people abandoned dial-up and switch to TM Net's Broadband, tons and tons of complaints have been made. Although we cheered and celebrated when it was first introduced cuz we get to say bye-bye to Jaring. It did not took long before the cheering turned into boo-ing.

You could see people signing in and out on MSN in seconds!
When you are dOtA-ing, your player suddenly moved from the Fountain of Health to the enemy's base in split second. Before knowing it, you are banned from the room. Then you have a nickname, DC king!
After hours of patience waiting, the screen finally showed 99% download completed. Then, "piu" your router restart. Wala~

Then you know what happened.

In Hokkien, there is a famous rhyme that sounded like this:
sin3 jamban, ho1 pangsai
TM Net Streamyx = jamban
but not new anymore.

After the "warm" introduce of Streamyx, I'll tell you why I wrote this today.

I was roaming the web while waiting Adrian to send me photos we took from the dinner last Saturday (finally). Just even before my butt started to warm the chair up, the connection gone bad. Although all the lights of the modem were working just fine, the pc shows that the connection was normal, there was no response on any of the web page, not even Yahoo! and Google. So i thought, ok this happened millions of times before, ill just have to restart the router and it will be just fine. Then the unthinkable happened. The PPP of the router did not light on after i restart! And this happened before last year, which my modem ended up in the computer shop.

After numerous try, I decided to call TM Net! Dialed 100, selected English, selected Internet Services, and toot toot toot toot... I tried again. toot toot toot toot. And again. toot toot toot toot. ok it toot me up. So instead of Internet Services, I chose to speak to the TM Representative or whatever. And i ended up listening to commercials like you hear every time you phone Mc D for the delivery for 5 minutes. Then a lady with a voice as soft as a mouse picked up my call and said whatever she said (cz too soft, cant hear). I told her i had problems with my internet connection and i just cant connect to the internet. With her squeeky voice, she asked me to dial 100 again, select English then select Internet Services (what i just did). Before i could tell her that, the PPP lighted! WOW efficiency? or luck?

So maybe you will think.. Since it sucked, why not change to others?
I would have already changed years ago, IF there is only another for me to choose.
BUT not for long.
Months ago i saw a flashy green color banner of PenangFON. So after I got connected, I decide to do some research.

I went to TM Net's web page and googled PenangFON.
This is what i got-

First, I went to the main page of TM, which looked quite crappy. I think my layout was better than theirs xD

The ad is so irritating you cant even click on the menu.

Then I clicked on the Streamyx web page and I found something interesting- Speedometer that tests your connection speed. So i give it a try and see how FAST my connection was.

On your bottom left.

Then it came out another crappy page with lousy layout.

And then ... Gosh.. Was my connection that worse?

The number they put will never connect.. Trust me.. Cz I tried xD

After quite a disappointment, I googled PenangFON hoping for something.
Yet, another mou2 tak4 teng2 mia layout. What happen to those web designers with a degree or anything???

Selamat Hari Raya~

Eh? Villamas and Sunway Tunas la. Anyone's house in the photo?

After some roaming, I decided to compare the package of PenangFON and Streamyx.

"Scalable from 2Mbps to 1Gbps" o.o

"better value" yeah right!

Sometimes when business gone big, the people will start to kia su and will come out with lots of laws.

Well from this point of view, PenangFON won Streamyx lots! As if a Ferrari Modena was racing with Perodua Kancil xD
For those who lived in condominiums and apartments, it is certainly a MUST for you to switch to PenangFON since you dont have to pay extra RM450 for a media converter.
As those who lived in land properties, pay that extra few hundreds and you will Vrooom off in a Ferrari. Or you might as well pay RM77 each month and enjoy your 0-60 in 20 seconds flat Kancil xD

However, since PenangFON is quite new and still is a sin3 jamban, you will never know when it will become the second Streamyx. But time will tell!
And also, im keen to see Streamyx to improve and maybe some upgrade. When there is a rival, there will be improvement.


p.s: i din know i could crap so much!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Big Fat Lazy Slug - ME

Interesting quote:
"Amoebas at the start were not
complex. They tore themselves apart and started sex." by Mark Ridley
hmm.. maybe asexual aint so bad :) [too much bio]

Big Fat Lazy Slug - ME
EEEEE eeew!

Some relaxation after the trial, thats necessary. If it gets a lil bit too over, you will become like me!
For the past few days, all i ever did was lots of TV, PC, basketball and lots of sleep.
This is so called a lifestyle that someone who is going to sit for SPM in about a month's time.
Hell yeah!
So PMR just finished. F3s are flying high on life and F5s laying low in hell.
Lots of F3 juniors started to "xia2" me about how free they are. Redbox la, GSC la, macam-macam la!
All i can say is, you have 3 months, we have half a year. :3
Anyways, ive returned my aunt's camera. So ill have to resist my photogenic genes for the moment till either i borrow again or my dad gets a new one. No photos for quite some time T.T

My dream camera CANON EOS 5D beautiful piece with a beautiful price - RM12999.00 :O

Another one. The latest Nikon D300 still not available on the market yet but i bet the price aint low.

Went for basketball at Bayswater today.
Quite nice playing at the court after my legendary name "M7". (ask kev and you will know what i mean X3)
On the way back home kev suddenly pop up one word:
"Die d. Din read tiok book. Tonight must read d"
so i guess, BACK TO BOOKS!

i miss shooting so much...