Tuesday, December 18, 2007


A series of SPONTANEOUS crap
code C012

Woei Chyuan: What if Jovy kena buli in Sushi King?
nOi: She shall call out "VJS!" (pose like Power Rangers) and prepare to fight!

-Woei Chyuan & nOi-

Today, I woke at 7 and left my home at 7.40am.
Today, I took the same (almost) bag and wore the same T-shirt with Alex.
Today, I went to 7th Street Market to have breakfast.
Today, I donated 50 cents to someone who needed it more than I do.

Today, I went to school.
Today, I read C'est la vie wrongly for the 7th time and being laughed by Zhi Hong.
Today, I met with Benedict and Mom.
Today, I waited Zhi Hong for 30 minutes.

Today, I went to Queensbay.
Today, I went to Mc Donalds, stood in the queue, waited, but did not buy anything.
Today, I had popcorn as my lunch.
Today, I watched the movie which was named after my quote-"I AM LEGEND".
Today, I saw Jovy looked like the "little red ridding hood" in Sushi King for the first time.

Today, I went for my first interview for a job.
Today, I went shop to shop for walk in interviews.
Today, I was hired.
Today, I told a lie to my Supervisor who just hired me.

Today, I helped my parents carry their luggage after their KL trip.

Today, I planned to cut my overlength-curly-fluffy hair.
Today, I worried about what to wear on my first day of work.
Today, I think about the coming apartment stay.
Today, I fell in love with the song Way Back Into Love.

Today, I stayed up late.
Today, I shall end my high pace life style.
Today, I wrote this post.

Today, I shall end my high pace life by writting this post.

Today, I shall miss today.
Today, I shall miss a few todays before the arrival of today.

What will Tomorrow brings? I don't know.

At least
I lived to my fullest Today.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

hanging High

A series of SPONTANEOUS crap
code Ho37

Went to play DotA at infiniti today with Kevin, LiangYew, WengKit, Stanley and my sis.
In DotA, there are 2 types of chat modes- one is to alies and the other to all.
When we talk bout strategies during game, we usually uses the first mode.
But the following happened today:

nOi as uWannaPieceOfMe
WengKit, Kevin and me were at the same team while Stanley, LiangYew and sis on the other.

[Alies] uWannaPieceOfMe (Phantom Lancer): prepare
[Alies] Kitz (Venomancer): kk
[All] Kevin (Zeus): all attack!

[All] Stan (Ursa): we know

get it?

My life was "high-end" for the past week. 3 days 2 nights of apartment stay at
Sri Sayang, Gurney, RedBox, Queensbay, Hai Yun. Almost every part of Penang, been there, done that, wasted lot of money.

Well at least I got my Photoshop CS2 back today. YAY Finally get to exercise my brain cells again and make some art work from the photos I took during apartment stay using CHRocky's Sony T100. Unfortunately, my pc will not be back so soon. My processor blew off. The technician said that my pc is now like a bek qi, cant do anything without its brain. Luckily enough, it did not suffer any memory loss. phew~

Lately, friends started asking about future, next destination, yada yada yada. All I can say is, im hanging high, just like that guy above. An ocean of dreams for me to land on.
Give me some time to find my landing spot.

Too many things to write but too little time available. (limited energy and ofcz a lil bit of lazyness)
Next stop, SUSHI KING! Jovy, prepare to face the worst first-day-at-work of your life!



Tuesday, December 4, 2007

SPM finished.. so?

Im currently using my sis's laptop to online and all since my pc is still at the shop T.T
My advice:
If you have long and fingers with a large area, DO NOT BUY DELL'S INSPIRON 700m
you will SUFFER just like me.
yes, the size is small and the weight is light, but the keyboard are TERRIBLE!
when i type, i must kiu1 my fingers so that i will and can click on the correct alphabet.
whats worse? im mouse-less. using the tiny mouse pad makes me go mad.

SPM finished! ya.. finished er.. so.. yay??!

My schedule for the past few days was kinda "packed". It was either home, school or Queensbay. Last week, I'd watched 3 movies straight in a row! Enchanted, Hitman (with The Gang) then Golden Compass. Besides that, I was at my second home all the time- SCHOOL, hanging around at Booksales. Oh ya! For those who wanted to sell or buy second hand books, BE QUICK! Head straight to CLHS as Monitors Board is having their Booksales Project. Ask me for details if you are interested!

Since my post was kinda "early", most of you people had already know much about what happened when we watched Hitman.


Let me tell about some scenes that were NOT shown. BWAHAHAHAHA
It was an unplanned event. The Gang just saja went without knowing what movie to watch. Then when we were heading to the cinema from the arcade, we "soured" Woei Chyuan about meeting WHOM YOU KNOW at Queensbay. And WALA! VJS appeared in front of us with Jovy's parents. xD
But then after some chit chat, they walked away. (aawww)
When we were lining up to get the tickets, we "soured" him again, counting down in seconds that VJS will appear again. And again, WALA! They did appeared and joined us for the movie. xD

So, The Gang had crossover with the VJS! Since Im born with such spectacular creativity, so why not give them some NAMES:
I name them, 三女组合! We got "淑女" Jovy, "熟女" Vivian and "少女" Serene!
Unfortunately, they dont have 美女 xP

Yesterday, Ive went to play paintball with Stanley, Andy and Zhi Hong near Yeap Chor Yee road. It was raining and the floor was wet. We had quite and experience especially dear Zhi Hong who got hit 5 times (1 almost hit the IMPORTANT area). Unlike me, I hit 3 headshots and not even got hit by 1 (cause im too fast they cant even catch up).

My pc is still at the shop. The person had checked almost everything but still cant find out what actually happened to the pc. T.T Hopefully it will be back before Christmas as CHRocky has just being added into my client list!

Anyways, I better be off packing my stuff for the apartment stay. (3 days 2 night starting today) Pictures coming up soon!



Sunday, December 2, 2007

DVD drive killed my pc

A series of SPONTANEOUS crap
code H032

I went to CRC for dinner last night.
As I was waiting for the dish to come, I wondered my eyes around the restaurnt.
Then I saw a waiteress carrying a "koay kao" (fish) in a fishing net. It was quite big and waiteress just rushed through the crowd and straight into the kitchen.
10 minutes later, the dish started to came.
The fish i saw earlier was on the table. Cooked.

Two more days until the 4th of December will come. All the spirit to study was already long gone away. To prevent my hand from terseliuh or anything, I was grounded for the past weekends. My everyday routine is to wander around the house finding stuff to do. But most of the time Ill end up sitting in front of the PC playing Kevin's "Freedom Fighters" (which I finished in 3 days) or in front of the tv watching ten ha deh yit bi (8TV every weekday 6pm-7pm) oh HELL I wish Chinese paper will end soon.

And the worse came. My sis asked her friend to buy a DVD player from the PC fair then sun bian asked them to fix it into my PC. Maybe the PC was too kotong or the DVD drive was too in or neither of both, my PC burst into flames! I think it was me that burst into flames instead of my PC knowing that I have to survive 2 more days without my pc in my house. SUFFER!!

Anyways, lately all my friends started to get themselves into blogging. You can see that the levels of my lovely bluely hell are incresing at the right. Then, I suddenly became the layout guy as people started asking me to customize their layout. Temporarily I have 4 people on the list including my own.

List of my "clients"
1. Lim Theam Hee with his Hiaoism (im so sorry i have kiam this guy for months d)
2. Jovy Chou the Miss Thousand Gold (creamy? a bottle of milk!)
3. Vivian Khor (i knew too much so i dare not say anything xD)
4. me myself ofcz

Due date: i hope i manage to finish them by Christmas maybe?

Hmmm... Should I charge them!?
Hmm.. Let me think about it... :P

Anyways, for those of you who are interested of finding me to do layouts, please feel free to drop a message or comment or msn or email me.
I also do banners, anything that can be done with photoshop and photoshoots too!
Its free!

for now.. but also depend on who are you la.. in short,

Not long ago a Germany's underground singer contact my through mail to help him design his album's cover. Kekeke but in the end he edited the original and did not used mine.
However, this proves that my skill in photoshop also got some standard la! muahahaha
Ill post the one i did in my next post as the copy is in my burnt out pc.