Monday, January 14, 2008

waiting for you

A series of SPONTANEOUS crap
code L301
Location: Levi's, Queensbay
Mom to son:
Har! You luan luan look into the fitting room and see! The people inside eat your head er!

Today (actually its that day la), I woke up earlier than usual. Took a quick bath and got onto my bike. Reached there, met up and started doing what was meant to be done.

It was spontaneous. With some simple pose, some arguement and lots of laughter, we took pictures, lots and lots it.

Before we knew it, we've nailed it. The girls left, boys stayed and took some more shots (on the basket) before we left.

And finally, the final piece is done, and the card shall be completed.

Some people asked, why we did all this?

Well, its simple.

We did all this, speacially just for you Viv.

Waiting for you~


Sunday, January 13, 2008


*Edit: OH Me GOSH! Paiseh paiseh!! It should be (without V)JS in my last post. Or I shall name it V-less JS!

As blue as the sky
I looked up high
As I looked up high
Time flies
How I wish the world would stop
Even for just a moment
When I looked at you.
An experimental shot I took today at school with Nikon P5100.
With 12.1 megapix in my pocket, I can shoot anything in any distance without moving my bare feet!

This was the first shot I took at the "almost indoor" basketball court of my school. Then I noticed something special about the clouds. So I decided to take another shot and zoomed in to the max, focusing on the clouds. Previously with the Sony Cybershot, the picture will come out in pieces just like crackers BUT with this it came out to be the one above. Lovely!

Note: I took both pictures when I was sitting on a bench. The photos were not cropped but with only some adjustment on the colours.

Nikon P5100. I fell in love with you~~


p.s all the images that i had posted in all my previous posts with "noi" or my deviantart url are my personal creations. Im glad and would love to offer my skill and talent to anyone that are interested!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

nOi is BACK

Not long ago, my blog was down. Every time you visit my blog, it will skip to ads when my banner finished loading. It was due to some error that occured at Adverlets. Luckily, it went back to normal after A WHILE.

Speaking of my pc, my heart will scatter into Senbonzakura (千本桜, lit. A Thousand Cherry Blossoms) xD After changing a new processor, it still won't work! According to the "technician", my pc sometimes can start sometimes won't, or even more geng it wont even start. Now, the only resolution is to change the processor, mother board and also the RAM. Its like taking out all your organs and put in new ones. Poor thing. Poor me.

I got my first paycheck (actually its cash) yesterday. Its only pitty RM339.70. Its not even one tenth of my dream camera.

Anyways my dad bought a new camera! Finally i had one of my own. Its Nikon COOLPIX P5100. 12.1 Megapix and it only cost RM1288 (shockingly cheap and worth it). I got my hands on it just this morning. I had a photoshoot with J(withoutV)S and Gang of (temporary 4). The photos came out quite nice. Unfortunately I don't have Photoshop with me right now so the photos will be on the next post!

So long for now~
Got to prepare for work