Monday, April 28, 2008


I was clearing stuff from my hard disk this afternoon cuz surprisingly we used up almost 95% of the space available (leaving 9 GB left out off 75GB).
I found photos, some shot last year, some earlier during February, some during the trip with Rocky and Han Tung, and some were shots i took earlier for the graduation magazine.
All the photos were taken with either Sony Cybershot (my aunt's) or Nikon P5100.
Some were never shown to anybody before ^^
Have a good glance at a few place such as Chung Ling High, Melaka and Penang of course through my camera.

Still, my personal favorite. x)


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about the genting trip update..
well i guess just check out vivian or sleepyhead or serene. there aint no fun reading the same thing for 5 times x)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

noinoi-ism REVIVES!

To all my fans out there~
Who left tons of messages (not much also), yearned (spam), and cried (it can be considered scolding too).

nOi is finally BACK!
In order to repay your kindness and patience, I specially made this video from the clips i took earlier, which are all the preview of my next post.
Cause it might even win awards some day xD
Sit back and enjoy my friends!

p.s this shall be the first video I had ever made!
I wont mind others to post this at your blog..

p.s.s in other words, POST IT ON YOUR BLOGS!!!

with love,