Friday, May 30, 2008


As you can see, the layout of my blog has changed.


Its time for a whole new look~

Patience fellow readers. x)



I give up! for now..
Changing the layouts with tiny bits of knowledge about html seems impossible!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


It has nothing to do with loh moh.. With my current situation, Im far too early to be loh moh x)

Lomography to be exact.
Over-saturated colors, off-kilter exposure, blurring, "happy accidents," and alternative film processing. Thats how lomography looks like.
Earlier, Kwang Hwa Yit Poh had an article relating to lomography and not long ago, Patrick mentioned something lomo bout my photos.

Implying the basic "technique" of lomography- don't think, just shoot - , I wandered around outside my house with my camera and started shooting.

Since I don't have any Lomo cameras, i leave all the effects and colour saturation to Photoshop.
And there are what I get.

Well, these are just 4 out of 103 photos I(we, including my sis) shot.
Having the orientation night event in my head just made all me inspiration and energy flow away.

Anyways, having 2 weeks time of holiday in my pocket, there is still plenty of time for me to spare. So, scare what!?


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Orientation Day

Finally after a week of so called "Orientation WEEK", which made us students to suffer sitting in the hall listening to lectures saying how bad it is for us to choose to study F6 then persuade us to study in their College.

PLEASE LA Counceling Society mia..

Anyways, the Orientation DAY was finally here and its the time for the boys to strip and the girls to whip! (ooops)

Take out your water pails, put on your slippers, grab yourself some water balloons!
Its time to rock your ass head off!

*Having a camera during the war of the freshly-unleashed-beasts wasn't a wise act, i was only able to shoot a limited amount of photos.

Station5: The Basic Technique for the Summoning Process of the future generations. x)

Riot in Chung Ling.

Battle of Rocket and BN.

Weggie Worm in action.

And all of a sudden...

Crowds gathered all around..
Look at their face..
Something is attracting them..

Searching.. still searching

Holy shit! Its the box office stunner SUPERSTAR!!

Look at their facial expression..

In the end, it came out quite fun and funny.


No human nor animals were sacrifice during the process.
Only a poor little girl hurt her leg by the heartless male animals.

How un-Malaysian am I?

Congratulations noinoi, you are 80% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Michael Jackson!

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

OMG wtf?!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Wesak

The time has arrive!
Once again, its Wesak Day~~
This year, Ive participate in the activity organized by Than Ling Buddha Society.
They had a quite formal ceremony and im lucky enough to bring my camera with me.
Below are some shots i took.
There aren't a lot of photos cuz I ain't got much time to shoot.

OMG.. i only realized there are 4 pictures only x)

Last but not least...
God of all gods...

Victor Chan, God of Ang Ku(s)


Monday, May 12, 2008


*this post is dedicated to all who left, will be leaving and those who plans to leave.

Remember this picture?
Its the product you get when you put 5 siao kias and 3 not-so-siao zha bos together.
Its like Chemistry.
You add this then add that then burn then dry then filter then condense then burn sumore.
The product- A flock of birdbrains with magnificent ideas and crazy behavior which turn out to be the core of friends. x)
Gang of Five crossover V.J.S

As time goes by, the flock becomes smaller and smaller.
One by one, they flew to their own directions, pacing towards their dreams as we too towards our own.

First of all, our dear Driver of the Gang of Five, the owner of the poor MyVi.
-Mr. Kevin Lee Ghee Siong aka Banana God

He who has the face as thick as an elephant's is currently settled in Singapore's Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Second and thirdly, our dear V&J left their S at Penang. Yea.. They are currently S-less.. No S..
you'll get what i mean x)

- Miss J for Jovy Chou Zhao Wei aka People~

Jovy Chou Zhao Wei

She, the damn lucky and damn pua keh zha boh is currently on her quest to search for XX inch in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Australians, watch out!

-Miss V for Vivian aka Vivi x)

She, who is another si pek ho mia zha bo, had just went to Nilai International Uni College under NanYang Edu Fund.

S, still in Penang. x)

There is a thing that's called Balance.
Some left, some stayed.
For those who stayed, a bigger flock was formed.
The end of MyVi team bring about the beginning of Kancil team. x)

The return of Soldier Boy

Kelvin still in the house.

As life goes on, things change.
We still have to move on.
Being apart only makes us to appreciate what we had and have more.
Cherish the past, grasp the present, embrace the future.
Don't ever forget those you knew.
Don't ever forget us!

Until we meet again!
My friends


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Car Wash

Finally after decades-long drive, my Purple Felali gets her bath.
Together, my mom took all her friends which she always has in her for a round in the washing machine. x)

In the end, I found this dizzy bear hanging on my door x)


Friday, May 2, 2008


Since I get myself into photography, I rarely take photos of myself.
In short, I aint a cam whore x)
Not like those "ehem ehem YY ehem ehem" who dare us to take big head sticker at Genting.
But, once in a decade, of course, definitely, Ill take photos of myself la..
Like that the photos of my face baru valuable. x)
Anyways, I found some photos of mine when I clear my hard disk on the previous day.
And they were pitifully few. Even photos of my mom are more than mine :0

So, this post its all about ME! ME and only ME~
All the photos are shot by either my dad or my friends or myself.
and nope, I had never went to any studio photo taking sessions! All were shot randomly at random spot. (ini baru panggil skill!)

I think my dad took this one when i was 1?

The chubby face that made a lot of aunties gone wild for me x)

Botanical garden trip with class. Behind was the falls and Mr. Sim Jin Tang taking photos.

Eeerr... Santa dint send me my present last Christmas..

Nope I dint waste any money on this photo. Shot in Park Royal during dinner with Grad Mag Committee x)

Well at least the photos are in great shape and im looking good (as always) in them.
The following 2 are exception.
In order to fit my noi-ny attitude, the following photos are consider the "noi" side of me x)

Me in wig x) Not in another million years ill take another pic like this!


More photos of Penang coming soon.
See ya~