Monday, June 23, 2008

3 chaps straight of the notorious nOi's adventure

YESH! 2 chapters of the notorious nOi's daily adventure in one shot!
Due to extreme laziness busyness, I was unable to update that frequent.
And I realized my moms (jovy la, vivi la, kevin la) stopped chasing after me to update. AHA! They too slacked! x)

However, dear readers!
I can assure you, no matter what happen, you will never miss a bit of anything of any events! Especially those shocking and humiliating things that others did~

Chapter 1:
The return of birdest or all bird men- Bird man KEVIN
Date: 17th June 2008

After dancing his arse around the city where the lion-mermaids pee through their mouth for quite sometime, he set his sail back home to Penang, the place where he and his myVi roamed the streets "safely".
Without any sense of time, he organized a BBQ party on a TUESDAY night. All of us (EXCEPT HIMSELF) have class the next day but still, nan2 de2 the bird man came back, we finally have the chance to do some birdy stuff! all of us went even knowing what we will get ourselves into. x)

The arse man whom organized the party.

The fire crew.

While waiting, this beer lover took out a book which he started reading since LAST year.

She was soo hungry she took my tag and ate it!

Women showing off their chicken wings.

Emo.. hmm.. rare enough for me x)

Happy Deepavali from noinoi-ism.


Chapter 2:
nOi, Edisonized yangz and Bunny stomped the yard, HARD!
Date: 21st June 2008.

Its Saturday. We (yee xuan, weng kit, yik yang & me) were suppose to have food hunt at night around the city. However, our dear Yee Xuan had to work full day at his favourite boss's restaurant, Yik Yang was out for the whole day so he must be home before 8 or else he will lose his penis and Weng Kit had a passed away aunt in KL so he had to take a bus that night too to KL.

In the end, I ended up joining YikYang and Weng Kit with other 4 beautifuuuuuuuu ladies. It was Audrey's birthday so of course 瓜子先生 was there. But soon he left for badminton competition.

When i met up with them, 8TV crew was having a road show in front of Gurney. The show "so you think you can dance" was having some kind of promotion.
When the show was near to the end, we stormed the crew.

So you think you can DANCE?!

We ended up as if we were also the participant.

Yesh we can dance x)

And guess who was the host of the day??
He was the host from 8TV quickie, RAZ!

Energizer.. Soon they will come out with Viagra which are longer lasting.

Oh yeah.. Im taller than you RAZ!!

After such an energy-consuming activity, we swift to Kim Gary to fill our my stomach while others clench their thirst.


Damn paparazzi!

The four beautifu til lense explode mia auntiesladies.

A drink so special it has 2 slice of lemon and some red bean on it even though its a strawberry duno wad drink.

Vibrating Bell震铃posing with her 加料 Strawberry dont know what drink.

Yes yes.. the photos shot at Kim Gary was not as pretty as usual.
EVEN WE HAVE A N95 & K800.
But still.. After looking at the photos, only one word I have in my mind- kesian...

Screw the useless phone!

YikYang, if you read this, dont say i SUAN you again. Its a fact! x)

Chapter 3:
Shoot the BitchBeach!

Its been months since I last took my P5100 go kai kai and luan luan shoot.
Therefore, I took him to Crown Prince after Gurney to have a walk.

The following photos are damn keng. x)
There aint a piece left if the photos by N95 compared to the followings.
Please do control yourself. (this is for Yik Yang)

There was an event on the beach where the dog owners gathered around.
I found the following very "interesting" and "outstanding" compared to the others.

Like they said, like mother, like son

My photographing skill was filled with rust and I sure brushed it hard. When I was getting in the mood and my creativity was exploding, when the sun went down and the light was dim enough for longer exposure, guess what..

The Battery is Exhausted.


but nvm.. Its not like the sun and the beach will run away.

Luckily enough, i managed to shoot one with long exposure.

Desktop background are available though. PM me or leave a message if you are interested x)

Since last year, I had a bunch of loyal customers waiting for me to touch their blog and give a life to it. So, I now hereby announce, one of the photos above will go to one of my dear customer, which means, you will see a new layout coming soon.
Customers! Patience! x)

Thats all for now folks!

noinoi signing out~


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Orientation Night - a different perspective

Yea yea.. I know i know.. The orientation night was already pass till dunwan pass. But you cant blame the busy blogger that cares about everything in everyday life for the sake of others.
But still, I kept my promise!
If you want more bout the programs, you can have a look at YikYang or ZhenLing's blog.
You will have to browse through lots of post before you will reach it.Trust me, they are the die-hard type blogger that updates as regular as they pee x)

Back to the orientation night. Instead of posting bout the programs and all the regular stuff, ive prepared something that is something else, something that is different from the other something and that something is so special, it should not be called as something.

crap x)

High-lights and insights of the night

(1) "FASHION" show
Its so gorgeous, I received a comment that says, "love lane?"

A good way to rob a bank.

(2) CLHS - Chung Ling Handsomes

(3) Queer guy on leashed !


However, the first thing she said after taking the photo is "我跟你很亲啊现在?!"


(4) Pretty woman!

Well, its a video. I had just finished it and still getting the permission of the main actress to post it. It will be another hit if she allowed. And when i say she, I mean the PINK LADY!!

(5) The Working Bees

Orientation Committee.. Siao pos and siao kongs that are so siao they can do anything. In order to keep the things flowing swiftly, some of us ate nothing but ice kacang and ice kacang ONLY.
And yes, we did pay RM25!

More updates coming soon! I hope.
If Im not buried alive by the stack of maths paper, you will definitely see more from me x)

peace & cheers


Monday, June 2, 2008

"Prom Night" preview

Boys and girls.
Control yourselves..
I know lots of you yeam lou guys and yeam por girls waited for the Orientation night post.


Due to EXTREME FABULOUS WORKING EFFICIENCY of our Yee Xuan, my camera was in my bag most of the time for that night.
So, im still trying hard to collect photos from others to feed your hunger

2 hotties of the night. They were the sizzling hot nominee for PK of the night, but still they were generous enough to keep their profile low and give others chances to shine.


The real post will be on soon~


Sunday, June 1, 2008

2 hours trip for NOTHING

Since the day I took my first salary (which was last year's December),
my family tried real hard to pok mong my cash box to treat them.

After almost half year of time, they finally broke into it. x(

As expected, the shop was already packed with lots and lots of 'mouths' when we arrived. When I say 'mouths', they not only refer to humans', BUT ALSO... GAZILLION ekor of FLIES...

But still, that wont stop us.

Patiently, we waited..

We reached around 6.45pm, waited til 7pm to be seated and guess what.. The dinner was served.. FINALLY, around 8.20pm! AN HOUR and TWENTY MINUTES LATER!

and worst of all.. the waitress lansily walked near to us and said:
Err.. Our tuu boh sng finish liao wor.. You all wan to change to any other dish boh?

WTF?! 2 hours trip for nothing?!! @#$%^&*!
I will remember that!

Due to extreme hunger, busy hands mixed with tulan-ness, no more pics were shot after that x)

Luckily, the crab porridge still available.



I forgot to bring my camera, the pics where taken with my phone! x)