Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lets go Psycho!!

Busy Busy Busy!
Weekends had never been busier!

Last Sunday I went for the hill climbing by Kwang Hwa.
This Sunday again, I went for a cycling activity which unfortunately I dont even know the name.
Saturday we had a class replacement and the 6th form interclass basketball championship.
yeah, CHAMPIONship
Since I still had yet transfer the photos from camera, Ill post that one later.

Victor came to my house to wait for Liang.
Suddenly, a weird looking van suddenly stopped in front of my house.
Then a bald guy came out - Liang.
We were expecting his Toyota Unser but instead he came in his dad's van. x)
Soon, we packed our bikes onto the van and got going.

We reached the post office and there were already a few (around 50 smtg) cyclist waiting around the car park. Unloaded our bikes, checked and Liang discover a tumor like thingy on his front tyre.
Its like that Belly Yeap's belly sticking out from his shirt.

Still waiting. Butt started to pain and now there were already some (around 500 smtg) cyclist waiting around the car park. According to the host of the day who speaks through a amplifier on top of a van (those you see moving around your housing area shouting "Jualan murah! Jualan murah"), there are almost 1000++ participated in this event. Almost 300 from Chung Ling Butterworth (dont they have any roads there to cycle?) and some even took lorry to transport their bikes from Ipoh.

We got the cowboy from Straight Back mountain.

Some environmentalist with his "NO PORNR" T-shirt.

Oh look! Abu from Aladdin!

Off we go!

The crowd

A sea of green psycho-list swarming the town early in the morning.

Liang posing with his bike.


The future Mat Rempit-to-be in his dad's kotong bicycle.

Ah boy who got tired stopped at roadside scratching his back.

At first, we were quite in front of the 1000++ crowd.
But then, suddenly!
Just over a few hundred meter from the starting point,
"POOOOPFF!! psssssssssssssssssssstttt~~"

Belly Yeap's belly blew off!
Ah Liang went panic with his flat tyre as we only cover a few meters away from the starting point.

"How ah?"
"Keep going lo!"

With his flat front tyre, slowly we were overtook by the cyclist from behind.
The best part is, every time a big crowd of cyclist pass through us, they will definitely remind him bout his flat tyre.

"Boy! Your tyre pum chet liao!"
Victor "Ya we know. Just now hior, he cycled too fast wanting to fly!"
Me "Yalor yalor.. Too fast d his tyre caught on fire!"

Ah Liang showing off his flat belly.

Speed began to decrease and crowds were getting further and further.
Even uncles and aunties on their lau iah bicycle also went pass us.
Soon, we were the last few cyclist behind.
5 Rela riding motorbikes held the traffic for the three of us.
Suddenly, we became the VVIPs of Penang, causing a massive jam to the town in the early morning.

The Rela members noticed his flat tyre can called him to pull off by the roadside as there will be a MPPP lorry behind to pick up those who failed to continue due to injuries or broken bicycles.

He refuse!

Struggling with his tyre, he keep on moving or else he will need to take the lorry!

Still, despite Ah Liang's flat belly, we managed to finish the race.
Get a cert and a bottle of water. By the time we reached the finish line, the bread were already finished x(

The tyre he cycled through 12 km.

With our empty stomach, we cycled to Kassim Mustafa.

The journey wasn't that long but our butts hurt due to the seat of the bicycle.
The person who invented the seat must have had a small ass or none at all!

For a cert, a bottle of water and a free green coloured t-shirt.
We even met Alleycat standing in front of ENO hotel!

one of the thousand phyco-list


phyco-ling out!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm Ok

it keeps on repeating
its like watching a movie for the hundredths time
with the same old god damn fucking line.

Yeah, I lost
Yeah, Im broke
Yeah, Im not as famous as you are
Yeah, Im just a silly brat
Yeah, yeah

I'm ok with it!

At least I won a lot and I dont give a shit bout losing that
At least Im original
At least Im rich in friends
At least well respected
At least Im still who I am


Shut your mouth
Move your ass
Make way for me
As Im leaving you
Far Far

Emo x)


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

LOST but not FOUND

It happened this Saturday.
After some so called BIRD² team "practice" teach by "coach" Eugene, I left my legendary shoe, one and only size 12 NIKE ZOOM UPTEMPO at the basketball court. I dint realized it was not on my car until I reached my home.
I phoned lots and lots of people, hoping that they would have kept for me.
Unfortunately, they dint.
After that, I went back to the school but somehow, it was gone.
There goes my first shoe that I bought using my salary. AND ITS JUST 5 MONTHS OLD!

*To the person who stole my shoe*
If you are reading,

Anyways, we went for mount climbing competition organized by Kwang Hwa Yit Poh.
For the sake of that god damn cert, we went.
I brought my camera with me, thinking that maybe I could take some nature photos.
Mana tau, I was too busy gasping for air on my up and it rained heavily on my way down.

But still, for my dear readers, I still managed to shoot something despite getting my camera wet.
Gam dong leh!

Dutch lady

Wet and smelly

As for the PIBG Basketball competition, after winning today's match, we still have 2 more matches left before reaching finals.
BIRD² lets go!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Here are some of the deep insights of my fascinating, terrifying yet interesting photo album of mine.
In here, you could find lots of stuff ranging from normal, beautiful, amazing, stunning, art of the gods to nasty, naughty, crazy and idiotic photos.
Well today, instead of showing beautiful stuffs, im going to show you some photos which are "beautiful" in a different perspective.

IF you have anything in your hands, throw it away
IF you have anything in your mouth, spit it out
IF you are allergic to funny stuff, keep on reading
IF you are Jovy Chou Zhao Wei, keep on reading
IF you are in a bad mood, keep on reading
IF you are stupid enough to keep on reading, keep on reading
IF your name is stated above, you are stupid enough to qualify to keep on reading

First up we have Mr. Lame from Koliah. This is his signature move with his signature hat.

Then, we have Thom Hangs whom just escaped from the island in the movie Cast Away.

Here we have a poor little child, praying to god when Jovy arrived at the airport.
"Please don't sink my dear Penang Island."

Erm.. Use your imaginary and think of the situation.
OMFG! x)

A poor boy being displayed for having a virgina-like tumor grown on his leg.


Bean in action. Cheapest but not the safest way to secure your car booth.

Rojak Menjerit. Eat if you dare. They will make you deaf!

Crap is a healthy exercise for your mouth and face muscle.
Crap more.