Thursday, August 28, 2008

Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk

Last Saturday, I attended a photo shooting event.
"Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk"
Soony hooked me up with this about 2 weeks ago.
Since it was holiday, I signed up.

At first I thought its just an event calling Penang shooters, gather around and shoot.
Mana tahu on the same day, besides the 50++ shooters in Penang, there were also other few THOUSANDS of photographers around the WORLD gathering around to do the same.

On that day, Soony, ShenDi and me can be described as the "young birds" compared to others who showed up. Comparing our gadgets, we were as if Kindergarten Kids. Canon, Nikon full frame camera, lots and lots of lens the size of my Tupperware. They can kill you in one shot!

With only a tiny Nikon P5100 and Canon 300 SLR (NO D o!!), Im just a tiny mole in their eyes. x)

Matt Brandon, the leading person of the event. A friendly and humorous yet amazing photographer.

This is what I like about film. Very 70's colors.

I did not shot lots of photos that day. Still trying to get use to film camera.
Lazyness prevents me from processing any other photos.
So for now these 2 are the product of the day.

At the end of the day, Matt will have to choose a photo from 200++ photos submitted to be crowned as the best photo and stand a chance to win a copy of Scott Kelby's new book "Lightroom 2 Book for Digital Photographers".

And of course, the winner of the day goes to TY!
He is one of my favourite photographer that shoots spectacular photos.
I found his blog on the net where he posts his photos and WHOA
again Im just a tiny little mole compared to him x)

I did not expect that he would show up that day.
I keep hearing other photographers saying "TY here TY there"
and I remembered someone using a Sony camera quite similar to his.

In the end of the day, I still dont know which one is TY though. x)

The winning shot. Stunning

Note: Look at the right side of the photo. The GUARD was in my photo too!
Congrats to TY!

Matt told me one thing.
"Camera is just a black box. Its the photographer that does the trick."


More updates of Sunrise and Spice Garden coming soon.


Monday, August 25, 2008


The first day of the one week holiday. (which ended already)
Rovers went hiking. Our destination was supposed to be Kerachut, but when we got there they realized there were already a whole bunch of people registered to go Kerachut.
So instead of going Kerachut kek sio, we went Monkey Beach.

Its been awhile since I last touched my P5100.
Perfect timing for some warming up.

Just attended an event "Photo Walk" last Saturday.
Which means, MORE PHOTOS!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shooting spree

As holiday started and now starting to end, I, here by started writing my first post ever after exam. x)
Holidays are meant to slack and do stuff you cant do during school day.
So i did.

First day of the whole slacking week, I went tripping to Monkey Beach with 6th Form Rovers.
Its the day I finally reunited with my camera. Obviously, my shooting skill berkarat dah after a long time without any shooting (dont think dirty).
More updates after this. Takes time to process the photos (unlike SOONY!)

Then, Tuesday was a day I had my shooting spree.

Morning went to shoot sunrise with Rocky (also more updates after this)
Played ball
Afternoon went to spice garden and had a photo session with Soony (more updates too)
Night had barbecue and steam boat with Levi's Ex-workers (more and more updates)

And today, after writting this post, Ill be having a tuition spree.
4 hours straight!
230pm to 700pm at Pisa drilling my brain with Chemistry.


and again
More updates coming soon :D


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ball in All

As everyone meets at school or anywhere else these few weeks, all they are talking about is exam.
But before this, its all about basketball.
Ball here ball there ball ball everywhere.

6th Form and P.A had a interclass basketball championship, which was about.. hmmm.. 2 weeks ago? x)
Yea, unSURPRISINGLY our class came top of the table and won.
Since I was so busy being a referee and a player myself, Elaine took charge of my camera.

Lets hear some story about basketball.

Its a game that sounds like this.
10 guy, chasing after an orange just to put it into the basket.

Its all about expression and emotions. You gotta show love towards the ball!

The expression you need to scare your opponents. Kids, learn it up!

Newton's second law of motion: When X with mass 1000 times larger than Y collide, velocity before collision is almost equal to the velocity after collision.
Kids, never ever hit yourselves with a lorry. You will fall like the poor guy!

What can I say. x)

Different spectators watching different ball/bald.

Champs and the champs' face.

After that, team BIRDsquare has another final to attend to.
The PIBG Basketball Championship.
We lost, but still we are happy with what we had been through.
Miracles do happen and it did happened on the team so bird they bird birdly flew their way through and enters the final. x)

4 of the first five. BALD BIRDS

As birds we fly, high up in the sky. With our aerodynamic hair, we flew even faster and higher!

We did mentioned that almost all of the team cut their hair.
However, the hair cut does not only make us more aerodynamic.
Its also kind of like a measurement to the strength of the players.
The shorter his hair, the better he is and the higher rate you will see him playing on the court.

Sometimes the longer does not means the better.
Remember that Jovy!

Monster birds of the team x)

After this post, the next post will be on around one week later.
The exam is near and its time for me to put my head straight into the books and notes.

nerdy nOi
nerding off~

Friday, August 1, 2008

Bald Finale

After almost 2 weeks of mania, without even thinking bout it before,
we BIRD²,
is now officially in the FINALS of PIBG Annual Basketball Competition.
In our wildest dream!

I still remember.
Just 2 weeks ago when we first got the time table of the match.
I took out a highlighter and colored all the matches that we will be playing.
Then Victor saw it and said
"Eh, semi final and final also draw la! We surely play as champion of the group and play at Y1 then straight into the finals!"

So, I colored.

Who knew, 2 weeks later, surprisingly
we won all the 5 matches and played as champion of the group into the semis and walah! Won and now, tomorrow we will be playing in the finals.

I once said "If we enter finals, we go shave our head bald!"

Before semifinal
BIRD² no. 9 -> nOi shaved
BIRD² no. 8 -> Weng Liang shaved

After semifinal
BIRD² all shaved (except a few who cared their hair so much as if they would die losing it)

Tomorrow, baldy Bird² with less frictional force and a aerodynamic hair cut, we will fly at top speed!

9 hours and counting


BIRD² no.9