Thursday, September 25, 2008

Crashed & crushed

My throat suddenly crashed out and here comes my sexy voice again. Must have been the weather, making me so hot. Well i know Im hot and now im even hotter. x)

As for crush, it just aint going away.


wish me luck in tomorrow's Ping Pong COmpetition. Let the head coach show you what's called the real Ping Pong!


p.s first post ever written and posted through my handphone. No photos, just ramblings.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Lay Qi's handphone.

It was Saturday.
The day when all the chef-chef from all the 6th Form classes will clash in the battle for the best CHEF of the form!

It was Saturday alright so for a busy man as I am, its the perfect time to sleep til the sun burns your butt right??
So obviously I missed the whole process of "cooking" and "tasting" (uek), but still I was there for the results.

There were chicken with aluminum foil dragon???
Watermelon filled with soup which became 西瓜汤(四果汤).
You name it, we got it!

Waiting for results.

However, the skillful ones does not need all these illusions to make their food taste better.
When they were announcing the champion of the day, the other class's were shouting like mad, especially the pot (not for cooking one x)). At first I heard L6F2, cuz I heard theirs was like the dishes made by hands of god.

Winner being forced to go up the stage to collect the prize.

L6B2's Iron Chefs (more to posing than cooking)

Then the weird happened. Kim Leng and Beng Liang then Lay Qi walked out, cheering and jumping?! At first I thought they were just zho siao, canot accept the fact that they lose yet.
"Who won? We won?" I asked.


Well how hard for our class's to win the hearts of the old folks with the theme "ko zha bi" when they have Granny LayQi, Granily Gradpa Beng Liang leading other granpas and granies in the competition?

With no special effects nor papaya nor phoenix, but with ko tong plates and chopsticks, with granma's talent and passion, our class stroke No. 1! Again

As for you my friend.

"Obviously with my talent, no doubt I will win. But I dunwan onli."
"You all go there to lose one hor?"
"I teach you la, cook dragon prawn! Not big head prawn."


When they had basketball competition, we got No. 1.
Cooking competition, No. 1 again.
Haih.. Sien la wei


Check out Elaine's blog (the one taking photo of me) for more complete details of that day x)
(Doing promotion for you leh!)

p.s Mdm Hong, if you are reading this, please dont tell Mr Tio!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Eggy birthday

Liang with cake by Yong Chee's mother.

As promised, here are some tiny bits of details on our BELOVED Liang's birthday.

Initially, the plan was to go to Auto City's Tao, then it shrunk to e-Gate's.

But on that day, after Khai Hern and those who reached e-Gate earlier on 2.30pm, we only realize that Tao closed at 3pm and will not operate til 5pm. x(

Yik Yang, how would you explain this?!

So in the end, we went to Gurney's Seoul Garden.

Due to the oilyness of the place and buzyness of my hands cooking and also my mouth eating, taking pictures was not a good thing to do.

Nevertheless, there are still a few videos available.

And when I say videos, they are X rated videos, not those with people running around hidding and shouting "Ahh~~ Dunwan dunwan~~!"

- Part 2 is a MUST WATCH.
- Be careful when you laugh. You dont want your fake teeth to fall down.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

As for the present, its just an Ipod.
Yeah, an Iphod Shuffle that only cost around RM259.
RM259 only..

The first thing I did once I got home was straight into the toilet.
Yes, unfortunately.

Again, happy birthday to Liang!
but no so happy for my bossini t-shirt.

Now, it still smells like .. an egg.



Sunday, September 14, 2008


Yes today was Liang's birthday.
Yes we were supposed to go to Tao.
Yeah what the hell happened to me.

Still working it out on this post.
Wait for some time for more TANTALIZING details!
It may be one day, a few days, or maybe.. one week's time?



Wednesday, September 10, 2008

For the first time

My heart was pounding.
Nervousness strikes as I walked towards her.

Adrenaline was pumping.

I took off my shoes, and lay down on the bed (not really a bed).
She took charge and did her part.

Before I knew it, it was over.

For the first time, in front of 30 others,

i donated 450ml of freshly brewed blood.


And that was like a week ago?
Nothing much was happening lately.

The whole 6th form is having a badminton fever as the inter-class competition will be up on this Saturday. Permata have suddenly become the training ground of Chung Ling kias.
Who will win?
Since I had won the basketball competition, Victor and I decided it is time to give others a chance to shine as our awesomeness and attractiveness had already starting to make people blind.

Our dear Mr. K for kanineh kapster Kevin is back from Singapore.
At least life wont be so dull for the next two weeks.
Time to be dumb dumb with the humpy dumpy Kevin Lee!

swaying out