Sunday, November 23, 2008

when nOi met LeBron

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If my memory serves me correctly, it wasn't long ago since I bought myself a pair of basketball shoes.

It was Nike a UpTempo redxwhitexblack where I wore it to make history and earned myself the legendary tittle "M7".
However, carelessness and stupidity of me had left that pair at the school's indoor court and soon it was never heard.
I know who stole them and he know they were mine.
After stucking with my "North Star" for quite some time, I've decided to get myself a new pair.

I went to BJ Complex.
As I was walking towards a Nike shop, I saw an old man with silver white hair, like those master's in kungfu movies.
He said, "Come boy. Follow me."
So I did.

"They have been waiting for you, my young man."
He handed me an orange colored box with a Nike logo on it, covered with dust.
I blew the dust and without noticing, I was blowing towards the old man's face.
He started chocking and suffocate.
He caughed, blood came out from his mouth.
Before his last breadth, he said,

"Got RM50 discount for this pair."

So I bought myself a new pair of shoes, which cost me(my sis) RM300.
Still trying to get used with them and soon, M7 will be back in bussiness!

In case you wondered if those were pictures from the web.
No they are not.
I shot them with my another new toys.

Yeah thats me in my pajamas in my bedroom with my new mini studio. x)

Beware of more new and huge toys!


p.s please be considerate for the craps. They kill boredom.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My weekends

After 2 weeks of exam + 1 week of slacking,
noinoi-ism is finally back online!
To be honest, I think im the only blogger within my friends that breaks and continue then breaks again that frequent.
(Jovy had already reach 189 posts while Im still stuck at 60)

However, what's important is quality, not quantity!

So here are my first weekend of the holiday.

15th November

PCGHS's Sixth Form (i think) had organized a inter-school Sixth Formers Basketball Competition and CLHS was invited. 3 teams were sent (2 for male category and 1 for female).
There were some last minute trainings for the females by Kok Oon before the competition including way to carry a ball and run but mostly they ended up colliding each other.

The boys

And the girls

The referee giving them some tips how to crush PCGHS 21-0 x)

Boon Chin showing off her injuries after playing with Jit Sin. (LOOK AT LAY QI!)

The villain!

Chun Ling x Jit Sin

Its a bird!
Its a plane! Its BIRD² with the gold medal!

So once again, the medal is saved. Thanks to Bird².

Poor girl behind nearly got blinded by my awesomeness. x)

16th November

Some say you will break your legs for doing so.
Some say you will ended up in the "sweeper bus".

I say its like drinking water.

Tons and gallons of water.
Its the annual Penang Bridge Run.
Its a race so simple it only requires you to run.

How far?
Well, starts from Queensbay Mall, through Gold Coast, to the highway, up the bridge, across the bridge, reach the toll and U-turn, back to the bridge, across the bridge, to the highway and back to Queensbay Mall.
A total of 25km only.

The sight of the bridge is one of the reasons I took part in it.
But soon I realise, after 2 hours of walking+running nothing much changed.
Tar road, lamp posts and the distance sign which seems to increase very the damn slowly.

But still, you rarely have the chance to stroll your way down the Penang Bridge like this.
You even have a chance to witness so many empty bottle laying on the road of the bridge.

Meet Bob and his house.

Met with Siew Ming despite she started half hour later than me. x)

They were not that big after all.

On my way through the bridge I met with Jovy's mother.

It was like "Hey, Chun Yee!"


And off she goes then never be seen again.

(I know.. I know..)


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Time to update

Yeah, i have to agree with Jovy.
Its finally time to update my dear near to death blog. x)

Unfortunately, it wont be today.
The clock is showing 7 pm but im already in my pyjamas.
8 hours later, Ill be in my 23 (you will know wad i mean soon), together with a bunch of siao langs on a mission.



p.s I just realized I forgot to brush my teeth today. x)