Saturday, December 27, 2008


What would you think of when you saw your sister, wrapping herself up in her blanket, sitting in front of a fan with its full speed on?


Christmas came early this year. We have Doremon and Power Rangers visiting the shopping malls just to remind us that the holiday is drawing near.
Santa said I was not being well behaved this year. Instead of giving me my dream DSLR, he took away my Nikon P5100. Soony told me that day, "Instead of dreaming for you Canon 5D, go buy 4D and pray to make a fortune out of it."

Friends, what can I say about them? One minute they are here and poof the other minute they are gone with the wind.

Well at least banana boy came back to town and we had a fun night playing mahjung at his place til we forgot that it was Christmas.

Its still Christmas, but this year Santa gave me a lesson instead of candy bar inside my smelly socks.


Saturday, December 20, 2008


On the very fine morning of the 18th December, I brought my sis's camera for some adventure for the first time.
3 rookies 3 cameras 3 destinations 1 motive.


More photos coming out as my Mozila and Chrome crashed thanks to the 208 trojan and spyware that had make themselves home in my pc.
That means an overhaul is required for my pc before christmas.

Counting down for Christmas!
Dont forget my present!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Short update of my long holiday

Its finally time for me to update my blog!
I can hear Little Mis Naughty (Jovy) nagging from a mile away.

So I went on a field trip to Langkawi organized by the Sixth Form and P.A Society last week.
Its a last minute decision for me to be part of the crew as I wasn't sure I wanted to go or not. However, friends around me keep begging and bragging and even bribbing for me to go.
How could I break their hearts?

Talking bout Langkawi.
Its a beautiful place with interesting history background and myths.

Names of each places have the story of their own, such as Gunung Mat Raya and Mat Cincang were once 2 huge families. According to the tour guide, the 2 families quarelled during the wedding ceremony of daughter and son between 2 families and ended up turning into 2 mountains. During the fight, they threw curry kuah at each other and thats where Kuah Town got its name.
Another interesting myth is the Tasik Daya Bunting where in English its called Lake of the Pragnant Maiden where women will be able to give birth after taking a sip of the lake water.

It is also well known as the tax-free shopping paradise. The Heineken
and Budweiser there is cheaper than Coca-cola. So are the liquor such as Johnnie Walker and Vodka which cost over RM200 over here at Penang, selling only RM50++.

I've shot a total 2GB of photos with my Nikon P5100, but they all ended up in no where as my dear friends left it on the bus when they reached Penang.
But nonetheless, here are some photos I took with my handphone.

Nice name for such an "adorable" fish.

I even met Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie at Langkawi!

Brad Pitt flirting at the pool side. Failed to take a picture of his face.

Angelina with her as-thick-as-ever lips.

Back from the trip, Khai Hern threw a party which turned into a throw up for Zheng Ying.
Kok Oon brought Black Label and Absolute to the party and Zheng Ying was drinking it like Wu-Long tea.

Look at the basin!

Just yesterday, Weng Kit, Kai Zheong, Chong Yee, Stanley, Tzer Han and I went to Infinity after catching a movie which tells a story of a naked man falling down from the sky in a huge light globe and a private body guard similar to a 1o times larger "Iron Man" trying to save the Earth from human-The Day The Earth Stood Still.

But still they ended up leaving the game after 15 minutes.

Im off to Dota again!
Damn im addicted.


Friday, December 5, 2008

The return of 'People'

Yes! she is back.
Once we feared that our lil Penang island might sink when she step on it.
Some(herself) said she successfully loss some weight, which i dont believe.
Now we are waiting at Apex cafe for her 'highness' arrival.
Stand by for some slim photos of Ms. Jovy Chou!