Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wesak Day

Happy Wesak and Mother's day!

and of course, Happy Birthday to Khai Hern.

More photos to come


Monday, May 4, 2009

Mouse Hunt

Do you know that there is an application on Facebook called "Mouse Hunt"?
Where you build a trap, buy some cheese and sound the horn. Then you will get all sorts of mouse coming to your trap?

I was kinda addicted to this application lately though my sisters said that it was stupid, time wasting and childish.

Then, the real thing came.
We had a basin in our class in school. Near the basin we had a piece of soap, providing teachers a place to wash their hands after teaching. Lately we noticed there were bite marks on the soap, which also = mice.

Someone from our class brought a mouse trap (as you can see) and put the soap in it.

There you have it. A cute lil black mouse.
Anyone interested to make it as your new pet? Anyone??

You'll never know that hunting mouse would be so interesting!


Friday, May 1, 2009

February came late this year.

27th February 2009.
8.30 a.m

2 idiots met up with another idiot at the Idiota's Head Quarter at Ayer Itam.
With their noob weapons, in their noob Proton, they set off!

Soony, Sheng Di and me went for a random street shoot session that morning.
Soony with Sony, Sheng Di with Nikon and me with Canon.
We call ourselves the "CNS"
Charming Notorious Stalkers.

Busyness and laziness had prevented me from finishing this post on time.
So here you go, 2 months late.

Soony & Shandy

We shoot everything that gets into our way! Even the DUSTBIN!

The street where the Cannon users roam!
You wont find Lebuh Nikon nor Lebuh Sony.

First try in panning. Failed!

Sheng Di's hair.

It was a random outing. So random that we eventually took the ferry to Butterworth.
But we had a lot of fun.
Next outing should be around June.
So you can start waiting for the photos and might have a chance to see it on

August? x3

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