Wednesday, June 24, 2009


On normal days, the temperature meter on your car should display something like the one above.
Its slightly "C" (for cool or cold) and far far away from "H" (hot).

Well this morning, on my way to school,

the meters are parallel!!

Katie Perry
"Cuz you're HOT and you're COLD"


Monday, June 22, 2009

Post delayed

After stopping for almost a month, it was time for me to jump back into my blog.
Whenever and wherever I go, I would hear
"Your blog si ki liao la."
"Update la yor."
"Lazy til no people got!"

Yes fellow pink strips, I know its time to update.
The passion and enthusiasm is back in me and I can feel it flowing in my boiling blood.
Even god has helped you guys.
I hurt my finger during a ball game, disabling me from going elsewhere and dota-ing but to blog.

3 times the size.


Stupid Streamyx did what it does best.

But still, im back!

And while I am back, lots of friends had already gone back to their uni.

Last Saturday Tzer Han asked for a gathering before he return to Singapore that night.
Did some stupid stuff to celebrate his birthday (29th of June) before he leaves Penang.
All we needed was a piece of Tiramisu (we went SiTigun) and 18 candles.

Somebody call 911!

Happy birthday Tarzan!
This was way better than the present we gave him during Form 3.



p.s pink strips = 粉丝
p.s.s Stay tune for more photos! Sports day (i know, 1 month liao) and June outing.