Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tough week Lovely weekend

It was a busy, chronic, frustrating, horrible, terrible, yet lovable and enjoyable week.
Everyone was bustling about the photo shoot.
I went to Starbucks with YiRen and Rijen on Tuesday night till midnight just to discuss bout the photo shoot.

Toilets were filled with people, boys and girls were the same.
Their hair was everything they ever cared about.

No matter big or small, they are everywhere! (Behold Nikon D2x. RM20,000++, body only!)

First shot of the week was this retarded handsome fellow.

Then we had the group photo which involved the whole form and 26 teachers.
A big project and "heavy" project which required almost 20 people to carry the "heavy-duty-stools" from the hall to the back.

Spot the real workers and the fakers.

Many thanks to those who had helped out.
Overall it was a success.
Though it was frustrating when dealing with almost 200 students when their mouths just wouldn't stop chattering like an ass and moving around like a monkey.
When I say mouth like ass, you know who I mean.

Light and easy Wednesday.
Frustrating and "mor2 chang3" Thursday.
Tiring and depressing Friday.

Finally its over.

The final battle of the Sixth Form's Ping Pong Competition.
I din't really know what happened around me that morning. Blurred.
All I know was I played continuously for quite a few rounds, win some lose some, and they gave me 2 medals and a trophy.
Quite high along the games, even "moon walked" during a few games. x)

We missed the gold by an inch.

Then along with Weng Liang, Bok, Zheng Yang, Hong Sheng, Tsu Bang, Yee Xuan, Boon Chin and Kar Thing, we went to Hot Bowl for lunch. Some small shop at Abu Siti Lane (Red Rock Hotel).
I got lost and drove til CRC.

7 bowls of Curry Mee, 10 or 11 plates of Chicken Rice (Liang and me shared 3), 15 cups of chrysanthemum and "herbal" tea.
RM 90.
Full til explode.

Went for tuition in the morning, then suddenly think of watching Transformer 2 (i havnt watch 1 T.T).
I called up Han and he emotionaly replied,"You called me for the first time in 7 years!!!"
Kit joined in and with my purp CLK we head our way to Queensbay.

Han in Topshop buying polo-t for his dad. Fancy and fashion iconic dad!

We checked the tickets online before we go, all shows got fully booked, 5 of them!
What the hell is wrong with these people?!
In the end, we never watched the movie. 2nd trial for me while 6th trial for Han. x)

Met up with Daniel and Xia Wei, dinner, and fetched Eu Han and Kit back.

Alex Mraz.
Seriously adore these two photos.
Dont call me vain or narcissist.
I know you too fell for it. x)


p.s Benedict really thought that he was Jason Mraz!