Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Just last year before Christmas and Graduation Dinner, I had a family trip to Bangkok for 3 days.
When I say 3 days, it felt like 7 for my legs.
The whole trip involves walking, shopping, walking, standing in SkyTrain, walking, walking in the mall, walking and more walking.

When you go to Bangkok, you really have to walk around the city to feel its soul and beauty.

Carefully, you have to strip her out her bikini to get the juice and spice of this mega city.

Unlike Malaysia, you get to see lingerie ads with big boobs models on the side of the highway or even a lingerie shop at the SkyTrain station.

Get it?

Or even a mini store at the roadside selling ladies' underwear. (And the "shopkeeper" is an uncle in his 50's)

It was days before Christmas during out trip.
The city was filled with lights and decorations.
You can feel the season all over the place.

Reindeer pushing Santa helping him to get into the house.


Some big ass gorilla welcoming you into his souvenir shop with a Starbucks alike logo. (Go sue him la uncle, or you can take your time suing over thousands of shop selling "StarFuck ForFree" T-shirts.)

You even get to watch Aaron Kwok and Ekin Cheng fighting each other in Thais.

We even get a free upgrade from Baiyoke Boutique Hotel to Baiyoke Sky Hotel, the tallest tower in Thailand.

Enjoying breakfast and the view of the whole city at 77th floor, you can't ask for a better place for breakfast.

Night view from my room window. Its already 1am in the morning and the streets are still packed with cars.

A shooting range at 17th floor in case you got bored.

Even the local food at the road side are internationally recognized.
Believe me, its darn good!

However, their Starbucks charge for wifi.


I did tried out my dad's SLR during the trip.

Click me for flash album!

No photoshop involved.
Gosh i just love films.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Charming Notorious Stalkers


We are not much different from any ordinary 19-year-old going 20.
We only knew each other after SPM even though we were in the same school for 5 years.
We are not equipped with any big ass cameras nor gadgets.

We are, none other than the CNS!

C for the Charming one with a Canon.

Well its not his Canon but his sister's.
Thats why you could find sticker on his camera and a Pooh key chain on camera bag.

With his sister's Canon 450D, his sister's kit lens and his sister's prime lens, he roam the streets and shoot.

N for the Notorious one with a Nikon.

The most quiet one and with the behavior closest to normal humans, Sheng Di shoots with his Nikon D40 in silence.

The stupid and childish acts of C and S can be commonly found in his photos.
Here is a very good example of it.

Last but not least,

S for the Stalker with a Sony.

Among the three, he knows best about cameras and gadgets.
He is the dictionary of all those codes and numbers you find in the world of cameras and lenses.

And he is the only one with a "kinda" complete set of gadgets.
Prime lens, zoom lens, 2 kit lenses, 2 flashes.
Then he sold them for a Carl Zeis DT 16-80mm F3.5-4.5 (phew, it took me quite some time to type the codes)

We got together after we went for a street shooting event called "Photowalk".
Thats the C meets N for the first time.
Then random outings brought them closer together.
And when i say random, it really does mean RANDOM.

From Guan Yim Deng where they parked their cars, they roam the streets and ended up taking ferry to Butterworth.

When they get together, they tend to act stupid whenever they have the chance to. (they mostly refer to C and S with N observe quietly)

With their cameras, they will try whatever they could.

Such as aiming the poor flies they met at a mamak stall.

Or taking silly photos of each others.

Prison break maybe?

Linked by cameras and same interest - photography, they went for kick ass outings, took random pictures, had random foods, wasted petrol for random spots (from Jelutong high way to Pulau Betong, Balik Pulau), getting lost in Balik Pulau, went Pantai Aceh to shoot beach but ended up facing a mountain, agreed to meet at 7.30 am but reached at 8.30am, and a hell lot of stupid yet meaningful stuff they did.

8th of January 2010.
It might be the first outing for 2010 and the last for CNS.

Who cares.
As long as we knew we rocked hard throughout the years!

sheng 5

Charming noi

To CNS! Together we shoot!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Here are things that should be told before year 2009 ends.
Well, should be. But its still ain't too late right?

-To her who waited for me,
sorry for keeping you waiting and good luck with him.
-To the guy that is currently enjoying every moment with the girl,
be careful of what she is doing behind.
-To her who fell for me,
thank you but please forgive me.
-To the kid i once cared lots about,
I still am and I still will.
-To him that loves to gossip so much,
keep gossiping.
-To the couple that are both close to us,
good luck and all the best.
-To that sucker who sucks for his whole life,
fuck of and get a life.
-To a friend that fell for it,
get up and move on. be strong.
-To her who cried secretly on her big night,
he is still available you know.
-To him who tried to make me drunk,
I ain't gonna get drunk so fast.
-To him and his big ass polo-ts,
clothes do depends on face of the person wearing it.
-To him who had just found her,
you have walked out of it, finally.
-To my purple ride,
you had served me well. Love ya~
-To all those people out there
its nice to have known you, you, you, yeah you too, oh you, of course you and you.

To her,
Hi im chun yee.

Life ain't a waiting area.
Life ain't Hollywood.
There are no pause no stop no replay nor rewind.

Just Play.


p.s To all those who called me a Black Hole,
I'm just a shallow cup plate.

Sometimes some things are meant to be kept a secret.
A lil secret.
To make it more meaningful for those involved.
You know what I mean.


p.s.s Bangkok photos coming up very very soon!