Saturday, May 1, 2010

noi x black&sexy

Still remember my Lebron I got last year after I lost my UpTempo?
*I still see that brat wearing my UpTempo recently. Damn him!

Nike King James

Well they had served me well and went to heaven after 1 year.
The bottom of the shoes are worn out, the front part of the shoe started to tore apart.
Even the shoelaces turned into cotton-candy-liked and its hard to fix them back once you pull them out.

There is a saying that the new ones wont come if the old ones didn't go.


Say goodbye to Lebron and hello to Kobe!


They are black.
They are in leather.
They have alligator.
They fit perfectly.
They are Kobe.
They are sexy.

They made their official debut yesterday during practice.
For an instance, I felt that I jumped higher than I used to be.

And once again I shot them with the limited resources that i had at home.