Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dolce far niente

Life's but a sexual intercourse.

When we were small, we knew nothing about it.
As we grew up, we get a peek of it, learn about it, yearn for it.
Then we have the first taste of it and it brings us to places we never been nor seen before.
After the first time, we grew desperate for more, hoping to get something more out of it every time we had a go on it. 
And til one point, we grew tired of it. It seems to be dull and boring, and now we seek for something new.

But still, we hope to settle down someday with someone we fond of in some distant place for the rest of our life.

"In life, the first sex is always exciting. But the second act, thats where the depth comes in."

Life's but a sexual intercourse.
So fucking get used to it.

Life,  fuck you no time!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just an ordinary day

Even in his laughter there was something missing.

He never seemed to be truly happy; he just seemed to be passing time while he waited for something else.
He was tired of existing; he wanted to live.
But what was the point of living when there was no life in it?

These questions went through his mind over and over until he reach the point not wanting to wake up from his dreams-they were what felt real.

It was said that one day he would be happy again and that this feeling would just be a distant memory.

It was getting to that day was the hard part.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011






我的舞台 只让你表演


我希望 你不在流浪






只为你归来的 那一线精彩




Sunday, January 9, 2011

Beers, Cake and Macaroons?

Patrick Tang EU HAN's 21st birthday.   :)

Beers, Tequila and Submarines?
Ain't bringing the black hole down!

Happy birthday devilicious Patrick Tang EU HAN!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

TwentyTen - Friends

Another morning feels like yesterday.

Sooner than you could realize it, 2010 had come to an end. 
Feels like its just yesterday I wrote the post bout 2009.

So many have happened last year. So many things have changed. There's just too many.
The end of high school.
The beginning of university.
The book of life have just started a whole new chapter. 

Twenty ten started rocky and thorny for me. 
The first six months was a mess, a haywire, a torture i should say.
Picking up the pieces tossed and left behind by others alone wasn't something easy.
In fact, its hard.
Being dissed and abandoned. 
You feel like you're the only one who's ever felt this way.
There's no turning back but to keep on moving to put back all the pieces.

Thats when I discovered what true friends mean. 
They aren't the ones who post status or comments on facebook about you.
They aren't the ones who message you and tell you call them if you need any help.
They aren't the ones who go missing when you really need them.

They are the ones who didn't even have time to log onto facebook.
They are the ones who phone you no matter day or night wanting you to give them something to do.
They are the ones who stayed at your house for freaking 8 hours to correct some stupid ads by some retard.
They are the ones who showed up without needing you to tell.

They are the ones who helped me gone through the fucking six months.

As I rushed through the first six months, the month where friends started to departure has arrived again.

May, June and July.
That time was by far the best time of my life.
It was the time where you cherish your friendship most as friends are starting to depart to where their future brings them to.

Gathering, outing, apartment stay, barbecue, playing basketball at school for the last time, even a simple lunch and McDonald's, everything just seems so precious.

The excitement of taking the first step into the next stage of life and yet the grudge of leaving behind friends, family and hometown that we have lived for the past 2 decades.

Just before we could get fully prepared for what's to come, university starts.
Meeting strangers from far away lands, living in an all new environment with unfamiliar faces.
All that you can cling one was few friends that came with you. Even that doesn't hold on for long.
In a whole new environment, unexpected things happen. Even the closest friends may turn to foe.
Nobody knows.

Then things start to change.
New friends, new mates, new faces.
You could find similarities between new and old friends.
The ones with same "patterns", the ones that won't stop chatting once you get the talking started.
Even the ones that you dislike for some certain reasons, they all seemed to come together around you but in a different look and voice.
The way they annoys you may differ but still, the effect is the same.

And then we have the reunions.
Back at hometown, old friends come together after being parted some half a year.

Things change fast.
Yes we do meet, we do chat.
Sometimes I just felt that something went missing.
Its that feeling, that intimacy we had before, the closeness, the implicit recognition. 
Its somehow, missing.

最熟悉的陌生人, he said.

This was my new year resolutions for 2009
1. Not to lose anything
2. Gain some weight
3. Stop gaining height
4. Shoot more photos and update more frequently
5. Fill the other half of me

Didn't lose anything important but faith and trust.
Did gained some weight.
Didn't stop growing yet.
Stopped taking photos for some time and have been abandoning my blog for quite some time.
Am still single.

Nothing much seems to be accomplished since 2009.

For 2010
1. Gain back lots of things that were once mine.

2. Active and productive.
3. Get back into photography and blogging in a whole new perspective.
4. Fill the other half of me (still -.-)

Time changes everything.
New year ahead upholds new challenges to face.

Cherish the past, grasp the present, embrace the future.

Another morning feels like yesterday.

Just my way of saying, Happy New Year!