Sunday, December 9, 2012

Yes, you are indeed precious.

Note to readers: 
This is not meant for those weakhearted nor easily offended readers.
Bear in mind that the language used may be offensive and please please please, do not 对号入座.

Yes, you are indeed born not as clever as we are.
Nope, we are not born stupid.
We did not spend hours or even days to study something you thought you could understand in minutes before presentations.

Yes, you are indeed occupied by your 21 credit hours.
Nope, we are not.
Our time table do not have 7 subjects on it.

Yes, you are indeed very tied-up by the assignments, presentations and activities.
Nope, we are not.
We do not have assignments, presentations nor training and events to attend.

Yes, you are indeed tired and lack of sleep because you slept at 3 watching movies.
Nope, we are not.
We do not stay up until 5 to compile assignments and prepare the slides for presentations.

Yes, you are indeed homesick and go back whenever you are able to.
Nope, we are not.
We do not miss our parents, friends nor food back at home.

Yes, you are indeed a top notch busy A-class university student.

Nope, we are not.
It just so happens that we are here hanging around, making friends and doing nothing somewhere 159km away from home.

When you are given a task and the first thing you say is "I don't know how to do that."
When you are given a dateline and somehow you need your group mates to remind you, and get a reply of "I haven't started, will mail you by tonight," on that very day.
When you are asked to do a presentation and you only read from the slides, saying, "That's how I present."
When you are asked to do a presentation a week earlier with slides already prepared and you didn't even bother to read through your part, only to ask silly questions ("1,313,200" "How to read this har" ) during presentation.

That is when I get fucking pissed.

It's not that you are born stupid or dumb.
Your parents gave you a perfect pair of brain but you chose to put them away and be a retard.
We are not born genius nor gifted with superhuman abilities, IQ of Albert Einstein.
We Googled.

It's not that you don't have enough time to do something given to you.
All of us have 24 hours per day, no more no less. We finished em, sometimes way more than what given to you but why can't you?
We save up time by not gossiping, not talking about what others had chatted yesterday, waiting here and there, asking opinions for where to have lunch and ended up nowhere after 30 minutes.
It's not that you can't but please, not when you don't even have time to complete your assignments.

We chose to remain silent and let everything pass by but that doesn't mean we don't care.
We chose not to use a direct approach because we are friends and we value our 2 years of friendship.
Look at what we got ourselves into instead.

All in all, it is only down to one word:


After this semester, there will only be one year left and that's it.
No more assignments no more presentations, at least not in front of lecturers and friends.
So please, show some commitment.

You are no longer a semester one junior.
Your name now appears on the first page of attendant lists.
You are one year away from stepping into the society.
You are supposed to be guiding juniors, not acting like one or even worse.

And if you don't have that or didn't even bother to give us some,


Fuck you and fuck off.